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I’ve always loved window box planters, especially when they’re paired with a cute cottage bungalow. Today I decided to make my own window box planters out of a vintage wooden toolbox and wooden crates. Tomorrow, I’ll give myself the task of finding antique shelf brackets at the Antique Fair. I just can’t stand that Home Depot and Lowe’s has window planters for sale that are $45+ (highway robbery). I purchased the toolbox at an antique shop for $25 and the crates at Michaels for $6.99 each. A great weekend project for any home.


Lighting Inspiration | Reclaimed & Recycled




Lighting Inspiration: Triple 7 Recycled 

I always browse around for inspiration for simple DIY projects. I came across a neat Etsy account called “Triple 7 Recycled”, a rad lighting and furniture company. Owned and operated by 3 individuals, that brought their story to life. When I stumble across unique and rad businesses’, I always like to read the about section, to get a glimpse of who they are:

“Our tables have a story too: the way that every slab of wood and every old nail sticking out of has a story of it’s own. I often think to myself when looking at all our reclaimed wood and I see those old nails sticking out, rusty and weathered, and I know that many many years ago someone put them there with their own two hands and a trusty hammer. That’s it. No fancy tools, no home depot, just the blood, sweat, and tears I’m sure it took to build that barn or that farm house.”

It’s good to know that people take the time to think about the sweat equity that goes into reclaimed and recycled pieces; those pieces had a story way before we ever did. Leaving traces behind of the past is the true beauty behind every piece. So thank you to Triple 7 Recycled, keep being you.

Lighting Inspiration: Restoration Hardware

I happen to have recycled brass wall sconces laying around for my house renovation in Arcadia; I just didn’t have nifty light bulbs like Triple 7 Recycled did. I love restoration hardware, but let’s be real, they’re a pretty penny. Fortunately, their light bulbs are on clearance. So if you’re a DIY individual like myself, browse around salvage yards, thrift stores, or antique stores to find those industrial/vintage wall sconces, and buy those clearance light bulbs at RH. If you’re not a DIY individual, check out Triple 7 Recycled, their prices are very reasonable.

French Door Installation |1930 Cottage Bungalow

So, long story short, I’ve been hoarding these french doors for two years now! I saved these doors from a historic home that was being “modernized”, the contractor was literally getting rid of everything original to the home. I believe I snagged this pair for about $50.00! When I purchased this cottage, a window had been removed to allow for a HVAC system (who and why would you remove an original window??). Regardless, I could not find a matching window for the life of me, and one day the idea of putting french doors in this space just popped into mind-love the idea of adding natural light anywhere I can. In my opinion, it was an amazing transformation! What do you think-remember this is still not 100% done?
French Doors 3
French Doors 2

French Doors 1

Bare Naked

The Newest Find



Bought these two bare “rust-ified” chairs at a local Estate & Resale shop, they were advertised to be used as outside planters because of the amount of rust. With a little bit of TLC and some white rust-oleum spray paint these outside planters were turned around. The fabric used is burlap seed bags I picked up for $2.00 at a local antique fair- talk about unique!

The Finished Product


Kitchen Inspirations


I found this photo off of a re-purposed kitchen Island..What a great project! For months I searched on craigslist & talked to local contractors trying to search for the best deal around. There was not one place that would sell a USED stainless steel work table for under $100.00. My ultimate goal was to spend exactly $100.00 on my kitchen island project. The hunt continued ….

Stumbled across a used restaurant equipment salvage yard yesterday. The gentleman working asked what exactly I needed, they started showing me work tables that started at prices ranging from $250.00-$400.00. After explaining to them that getting my hands dirty was a must and something under $100.00 was my budget they took me outside to a rumble of salvaged scrap. There sitting in a pile of JUNK was my masterpiece, all rusty & greasy was the stainless steel work table that I needed to transform my kitchen.  I got the table for $60.00 it is 6ft in width and at least 5ft in height…PERFECT! I will post Before & After pic’s as soon as I get to work.

The hunt

Cost: Under $25.00

This piece is simple, but with a pop of color for the center piece you can make this look however you wish. When I get some time I will paint the legs of the saw horse to match my chairs. I knew the type of dining table I wanted and I knew where to buy it, unfortunately the cost was not so appealing $199.00.  As you can see in the pictures posted above, I came pretty close? I made this piece fit my personality and my style, with money still in the bank :))

Supplies from Lowe’s:

  1. 2- 2X4 for the saw horses $4.00 
  2. Sawhorse Brackets $7.38
  • All-purpose
  • Galvanized
  • Rust resistant finish.
  • Flanged nail hold for quick disassembly


3.  Pine wood slab thats 8 Feet in length and 2 feet in width.  $10.00


Does it scream you?

D.I.Y Projects also known as Do it Yourself, is an easy way to steer clear from those hefty price tags and budget busters. My friends have nicknamed me the “Thrifty Girl”, I tend to pinch pennies just to save my hard-earned cash. Re-using what already exists is the best way to go about designing a space. Recycling not only is good for the environment around you but it is also great on your bank account. Travel around to some local Thrift stores, Antique stores, and Goodwill stores in your neighborhood and pick out pieces that spark your eye. I do recommend going to your weekend flea market & yard sales for some steals, it’s so much easier to haggle with people here. Remember anything that was once used for a single purpose can now be used for multi-purposes. As you will start to learn in all my posts D.I.Y projects are SUPER FUN & EASY! You are making a specific piece scream you, all your personality in one piece. Embrace your personality in your design, it’s all about you. If you have a taste for fashion, style and a creative mind projects like this are for you!

P.S > Find wood spools and wooden crates at Lowe’s & Home Depot for FREE !