Lighting Inspiration | Reclaimed & Recycled




Lighting Inspiration: Triple 7 Recycled 

I always browse around for inspiration for simple DIY projects. I came across a neat Etsy account called “Triple 7 Recycled”, a rad lighting and furniture company. Owned and operated by 3 individuals, that brought their story to life. When I stumble across unique and rad businesses’, I always like to read the about section, to get a glimpse of who they are:

“Our tables have a story too: the way that every slab of wood and every old nail sticking out of has a story of it’s own. I often think to myself when looking at all our reclaimed wood and I see those old nails sticking out, rusty and weathered, and I know that many many years ago someone put them there with their own two hands and a trusty hammer. That’s it. No fancy tools, no home depot, just the blood, sweat, and tears I’m sure it took to build that barn or that farm house.”

It’s good to know that people take the time to think about the sweat equity that goes into reclaimed and recycled pieces; those pieces had a story way before we ever did. Leaving traces behind of the past is the true beauty behind every piece. So thank you to Triple 7 Recycled, keep being you.

Lighting Inspiration: Restoration Hardware

I happen to have recycled brass wall sconces laying around for my house renovation in Arcadia; I just didn’t have nifty light bulbs like Triple 7 Recycled did. I love restoration hardware, but let’s be real, they’re a pretty penny. Fortunately, their light bulbs are on clearance. So if you’re a DIY individual like myself, browse around salvage yards, thrift stores, or antique stores to find those industrial/vintage wall sconces, and buy those clearance light bulbs at RH. If you’re not a DIY individual, check out Triple 7 Recycled, their prices are very reasonable.


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