Curb Appeal

Keeping this renovation under budget:

Curb appeal sets the tone for your entire home, it’s the frosting on the cake. The overall appearance is extremely important to me, my house needs to be one of the best on the block. Hopefully, my house will set the tone to encourage my neighbors to begin some exterior restorations as well. A goal of mine is to change homeowners pride of ownership in the town of Arcadia. I feel as if homeowners forgot the attention that goes into owning a home, especially a historic home. Show you are proud in owning a piece of history let alone a home. Plant some flowers, put a bench on your porch, or hang an American flag! Here are 11 budget friendly ways from HGTV to boost your curb appeal: Click Here!

The month of June will be dedicated to the exterior of this 1930’s cottage bungalow. The amount of soot from the crack in the chimney to the exhaust from semi-trucks was indescribable; this cottage has been suffocating for too long. The best tool to allow it to breathe again was a deep pressure wash. Thankfully, my neighbor allowed us to borrow his pressure washer in exchange for a 12-pack of Budweiser 🙂 !  It took a total of 4 hours and two people to pressure wash the entire exterior of this home. Part of me wants to take the pressure washer and power wash the interior as well ;). What do you think about the end result? Amazing transformation right?
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