Andrews, North Carolina

Andrews, NC

Where to stay:

Recently visited this town for a wedding a few days ago. Very quaint small town, perfect for a getaway destination. I would recommend staying in cabins to get the whole smokey mountain/North Carolina experience. Check out Land of Living Waters, stayed here for 3 nights. The property is close proximity to the smokey mountains, nestled near flowing creeks and beautiful green forests. The beauty of nature at its finest! 

Where to eat:

burger basket

This restaurant was spotted on the drive to our cabin, a fast food joint that serves food out of a double wide trailer. Talk about a hole in the wall, but fits perfectly in the town of Andrew’s. It’s stated that they serve the best burger in town, yet I believe it’s the only burger joint in town. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with shoe strings fries, can’t go wrong with a burger & fires :).  Check out their Facebook & give this small town business some support.

Where to Drink & eat Pizza 🙂


The only bar in this small town is Loafer’s which also serves some good pie. If you go during the day ask for the bartender Sarah, she is a true southern bell. At night this place turns into somewhat of a “club” with a booty shaking contest! By the end of our stay we called ourselves regulars :). 

Check them out!


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