“We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us.”

Churchill, Winstonphoto 1photo 5photo 2

 Overtime these building’s deteriorate leaving behind the craftsmanship and beauty of the past. Preserving these building back to their original beauty is a hobby that I would like to take on. Renovating is an expensive task but well worth it in the end. These building’s tell a story of the past and the people who lived in that era. This building held many purposes over-time, imagine if the wall’s could talk! The stories they could tell us. Stories of the hard times & hard work of the 20’s. No one appreciates History as much as it deserves, the past is a part of who we are. Overtime we have advanced technology, what was already existent.The only thing that makes our time any different is the level of mass intelligence. The Level that let us take materials that were just as available to people thousands of years ago and turn them into what we have today.



A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


Once in pristine condition, living a life full of luxury. It held a purpose in life and nothing more. This high end safe held many secrets throughout the years, but now it’s covered in rust & abandoned. Is this how life is? Do we have a purpose to fulfill, will we be forgotten after the deed is done? People that pay it forward or simply go about their lives doing right deserve to be held in the spot-light, yet in this life we simply just turn the page.  Millions of Women & Men fight for our freedom yet they go unnoticed…Kim kardashian has a baby and within minutes every media outlet is spewing about it. Do we care? But wait we are in the 21st Century where being famous or simply having any media outlet recognize us requires a simple “sex tape”.  That man that died saving a 2 year old in a fire was recognized in his local newspaper for one day, no one remembers the story or the hero’s name.. This is the world we live in today! Don’t let that get in your way to make a difference, doing one small deed might turn into a world-wide change. Be that person that goes unnoticed, because deep down you and God know the life you have lived.

P.S- Pay It Forward 🙂

Andrews, North Carolina

Andrews, NC

Where to stay:

Recently visited this town for a wedding a few days ago. Very quaint small town, perfect for a getaway destination. I would recommend staying in cabins to get the whole smokey mountain/North Carolina experience. Check out Land of Living Waters, stayed here for 3 nights. The property is close proximity to the smokey mountains, nestled near flowing creeks and beautiful green forests. The beauty of nature at its finest! 

Where to eat:

burger basket

This restaurant was spotted on the drive to our cabin, a fast food joint that serves food out of a double wide trailer. Talk about a hole in the wall, but fits perfectly in the town of Andrew’s. It’s stated that they serve the best burger in town, yet I believe it’s the only burger joint in town. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with shoe strings fries, can’t go wrong with a burger & fires :).  Check out their Facebook & give this small town business some support.

Where to Drink & eat Pizza 🙂


The only bar in this small town is Loafer’s which also serves some good pie. If you go during the day ask for the bartender Sarah, she is a true southern bell. At night this place turns into somewhat of a “club” with a booty shaking contest! By the end of our stay we called ourselves regulars :). 

Check them out!

Bare Naked

The Newest Find



Bought these two bare “rust-ified” chairs at a local Estate & Resale shop, they were advertised to be used as outside planters because of the amount of rust. With a little bit of TLC and some white rust-oleum spray paint these outside planters were turned around. The fabric used is burlap seed bags I picked up for $2.00 at a local antique fair- talk about unique!

The Finished Product