Time is of the essence


” The simple pleasures of people watching” -JC

Flying stand-by has been a routine in my life when it comes to traveling. Which means if there are any seats left after everyone has boarded the plane, you will get a ticket to your destination. There are some scenarios where you are just S.O.L and you just don’t get on…for hours…for days. It happens, it’s just one small drawback of flying at a discounted rate. I’ve alway’s had a sense of excitement for people watching. Like bird watching except with people, very entertaining.  You get a feel of the beauty and rhythm of the world around us; as well as a form of free entertainment. Airports are my favorite place for this leisure ranked # 1. I’m sitting in a small restaurant tucked into the corner of the airport, which gives me a spectacular view. Unfortunately I get a server that has no patience and no meaning of time. I’m relaxing, writing, people watching, and slowly eating. It’s in her nature to rush me, which I find very rude…my number 1 pet peeve. Another pet peeve, I’m not even done with my meal and I get a check? Time is the whole reason I am writing this blog…why is it that 99.9% of Americans go with the saying “Time is money” ? Money cannot buy time can it? Even boarding or de-boarding a plane, people are in a hurry to get off and get on with their lives. Have patience..patience is virtue. 



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