Kitchen Inspirations


I found this photo off of a re-purposed kitchen Island..What a great project! For months I searched on craigslist & talked to local contractors trying to search for the best deal around. There was not one place that would sell a USED stainless steel work table for under $100.00. My ultimate goal was to spend exactly $100.00 on my kitchen island project. The hunt continued ….

Stumbled across a used restaurant equipment salvage yard yesterday. The gentleman working asked what exactly I needed, they started showing me work tables that started at prices ranging from $250.00-$400.00. After explaining to them that getting my hands dirty was a must and something under $100.00 was my budget they took me outside to a rumble of salvaged scrap. There sitting in a pile of JUNK was my masterpiece, all rusty & greasy was the stainless steel work table that I needed to transform my kitchen.  I got the table for $60.00 it is 6ft in width and at least 5ft in height…PERFECT! I will post Before & After pic’s as soon as I get to work.


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