Antique & Industrial Era

Why are items from this era so attractive to people today? The value of the majority of antiques and vintage finds are worth more today than they once were. A few simple words can answer these questions: Quality & Character. No one can build a structure or item with their own bare hands anymore, well it’s rare some still can.  Home’s built before the 1930’s have always been keen to my eye’s. The character that you can find in these homes is remarkable, from hardwood floors to the built-in wood shelving units. My dream is to remodel  homes back to how they were originally built. I want the original claw foot tub, the small kitchen & oak hardwood floors. I have my family reunion every year in Logan Ohio, every year I drive on State Route 22 and pass my dream home. Here is a house that was built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s that has so much potential. I pass by this house every year and yet the house remains untouched. The owner unfortunately has no intention on selling anytime soon, one day when he does I hope to own it.  Everything in this house can be restored to its once pristine condition.


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