Time is of the essence


” The simple pleasures of people watching” -JC

Flying stand-by has been a routine in my life when it comes to traveling. Which means if there are any seats left after everyone has boarded the plane, you will get a ticket to your destination. There are some scenarios where you are just S.O.L and you just don’t get on…for hours…for days. It happens, it’s just one small drawback of flying at a discounted rate. I’ve alway’s had a sense of excitement for people watching. Like bird watching except with people, very entertaining.  You get a feel of the beauty and rhythm of the world around us; as well as a form of free entertainment. Airports are my favorite place for this leisure ranked # 1. I’m sitting in a small restaurant tucked into the corner of the airport, which gives me a spectacular view. Unfortunately I get a server that has no patience and no meaning of time. I’m relaxing, writing, people watching, and slowly eating. It’s in her nature to rush me, which I find very rude…my number 1 pet peeve. Another pet peeve, I’m not even done with my meal and I get a check? Time is the whole reason I am writing this blog…why is it that 99.9% of Americans go with the saying “Time is money” ? Money cannot buy time can it? Even boarding or de-boarding a plane, people are in a hurry to get off and get on with their lives. Have patience..patience is virtue. 



German & Raspberry Tart

Well I guess not only can I cook but I can also BAKE! I made my first German tart. I can’t wait till dinner is over so I can bite right into this masterpiece. If you want the recipe just copy it off here and share it with all your friends & family !


handful of fresh almonds

 2 sticks of Butter

300 grams of flour

1/3 cup of powered sugar


Stewed Granny Smith Apples with cinnamon

Fresh Raspberry’s


1 egg whisked

1/2 of a small container of Sour Cream

1/3 cup of powdered sugar

Vanilla extract 1 tbsp

Kitchen Inspirations


I found this photo off of Pinterest.com a re-purposed kitchen Island..What a great project! For months I searched on craigslist & talked to local contractors trying to search for the best deal around. There was not one place that would sell a USED stainless steel work table for under $100.00. My ultimate goal was to spend exactly $100.00 on my kitchen island project. The hunt continued ….

Stumbled across a used restaurant equipment salvage yard yesterday. The gentleman working asked what exactly I needed, they started showing me work tables that started at prices ranging from $250.00-$400.00. After explaining to them that getting my hands dirty was a must and something under $100.00 was my budget they took me outside to a rumble of salvaged scrap. There sitting in a pile of JUNK was my masterpiece, all rusty & greasy was the stainless steel work table that I needed to transform my kitchen.  I got the table for $60.00 it is 6ft in width and at least 5ft in height…PERFECT! I will post Before & After pic’s as soon as I get to work.

Mobilgas Pegasus

Found this photograph on Etsy a great place to find unique items for reasonable prices. This piece will look great on my dining room wall. I don’t know why I love the Mobil Gas Pegasus so much but it resembles character in Advertising. I went to school for Marketing & Advertising and in this day many Ad’s lack character. I have always wanted an original Pegasus horse to hang in my living room but a life-size Pegasus will break the bank. This piece of art will do just fine for now.


Antique & Industrial Era

Why are items from this era so attractive to people today? The value of the majority of antiques and vintage finds are worth more today than they once were. A few simple words can answer these questions: Quality & Character. No one can build a structure or item with their own bare hands anymore, well it’s rare some still can.  Home’s built before the 1930’s have always been keen to my eye’s. The character that you can find in these homes is remarkable, from hardwood floors to the built-in wood shelving units. My dream is to remodel  homes back to how they were originally built. I want the original claw foot tub, the small kitchen & oak hardwood floors. I have my family reunion every year in Logan Ohio, every year I drive on State Route 22 and pass my dream home. Here is a house that was built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s that has so much potential. I pass by this house every year and yet the house remains untouched. The owner unfortunately has no intention on selling anytime soon, one day when he does I hope to own it.  Everything in this house can be restored to its once pristine condition.