The hunt

Cost: Under $25.00

This piece is simple, but with a pop of color for the center piece you can make this look however you wish. When I get some time I will paint the legs of the saw horse to match my chairs. I knew the type of dining table I wanted and I knew where to buy it, unfortunately the cost was not so appealing $199.00.  As you can see in the pictures posted above, I came pretty close? I made this piece fit my personality and my style, with money still in the bank :))

Supplies from Lowe’s:

  1. 2- 2X4 for the saw horses $4.00 
  2. Sawhorse Brackets $7.38
  • All-purpose
  • Galvanized
  • Rust resistant finish.
  • Flanged nail hold for quick disassembly


3.  Pine wood slab thats 8 Feet in length and 2 feet in width.  $10.00



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