Does it scream you?

D.I.Y Projects also known as Do it Yourself, is an easy way to steer clear from those hefty price tags and budget busters. My friends have nicknamed me the “Thrifty Girl”, I tend to pinch pennies just to save my hard-earned cash. Re-using what already exists is the best way to go about designing a space. Recycling not only is good for the environment around you but it is also great on your bank account. Travel around to some local Thrift stores, Antique stores, and Goodwill stores in your neighborhood and pick out pieces that spark your eye. I do recommend going to your weekend flea market & yard sales for some steals, it’s so much easier to haggle with people here. Remember anything that was once used for a single purpose can now be used for multi-purposes. As you will start to learn in all my posts D.I.Y projects are SUPER FUN & EASY! You are making a specific piece scream you, all your personality in one piece. Embrace your personality in your design, it’s all about you. If you have a taste for fashion, style and a creative mind projects like this are for you!

P.S > Find wood spools and wooden crates at Lowe’s & Home Depot for FREE !


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