A life in color

Imagine a life full of creativity, a world in which colors flow endlessly through your mind. I live in that world full of idea’s flying past my eyes.  On occasion I will accomplish one of these crazy idea’s that flow through my mind. Why is it that human’s have a bucket list or a list of dreams or a to do list yet no one gets them all done? Have we lost our ambition & motivation in life? We should not live day-to-day to be overwhelmed by stress or anxiety. It seem’s that in this day and time people live to work, yes if only it were that easy not to. Money does not buy happiness but it does make life A LOT easier. So many people have told me that you only live once, you only have the chance to do everything you ever dreamed of once. Life is all about taking chances & taking risks. Get the most out of this world and a life that is absolutely remarkable. Work in an environment that brings joy & happiness, where you wake up every morning and you are excited for what your day brings. Never look back with regret.


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